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take your coffee


Joe provides the coffee. So you can have a
consistently great pot of coffee.

Brew a better cup everytime

 1 Coffee:  Start with Martinson.
 2 Equipment:  Always use a clean pot.
 3 Water:  It’s more important than you think.

Cold water, filtered or bottled, if you have it. If not, run your tap for a few seconds before filling the pot.

Rule of thumb is 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water.  Let your taste buds be the deciding factor.

Brewing temperature should be between 195 - 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a drip system, water should be in contact with coffee grounds for approximately 5 minutes. 

 4 Relax and Enjoy your Cup!

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go with our

While Joe prefers drinking his deliciously full-bodied coffee black, there are times when even he’s inspired to mix it up a bit for a flavorful change of pace.
Coffee with Ice Cream

An oldie but a goodie, which continues to be a simple favorite. Add ice cream, a little whip cream and spices are sure to take it over the top.

Flavored Iced Coffee

Looking for something new? Enjoy a refreshing and indulgent iced coffee. Simply fill ½ your cup with ice; pour freshly brewed coffee; then add your favorite flavored creamer and sweeten to taste.

Coffee Alexander

This drink isn’t for the faint at heart. Start with ½ a cup of cold strong coffee; ½ a cup of coffee ice cream; 1 ounce of Brandy. Blend and enjoy.